Blodslitet H60 (21/10/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ulvedalen
Distance: 13.75 km
Time: 107:33
Bad shape after a persistent sinus infection followed by a back strain that forced me to visit a chiropractor three times this week (for the first time in my life), but I still started as usual and lead the field about 100 m into the forest. Beyond this point all the fast guys just blew past me and I concentrated on avoiding any serious mistakes.

I ran (slowly) but without any mishaps until the second wing of the butterfly (which I took in opposite order to what's shown on this map), I probably lost about 30 s here.

EDIT: Looking at the Livelox tracks it is obvious that I was unlucky crossing the second medium green field towards the start of the butterfly, it was at least 45 sec faster to go left and follow the ride! This is in fact a general problem with this green shade, in that it covers the entire range from 20% to 60% running speed. The first patch was planted spruce old enough to start to clear up a bit of the lower branches and this probably should have been mapped as light green, while the second patch was a wet swamp.

Control #15 was by far the most difficult one, I should have crossed the road when I hit it and then taken the path that points just west of the dark green, but the road was too tempting and I ended up going straight through the dark green and hit the control very nicely.

I was completely alone starting from the second wing of the butterfly (during the first wing I saw Arve Glittum who lost the final sprint for the victory at the end of the race, he was on his second loop at that time), this lasted until the very end where the two guys who finished around me both turned up around the second-to-last control, we ended up in 5th, 6th and 7th place almost 12 minutes behind the first 4-man group.

For the last controls I decided to run through the finish area instead of going straight, I think this was a good idea since I would otherwise have had to walk parts of the way.
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Blodslitet H60 (21/10/2017) Blodslitet H60 (21/10/2017)