Veritas Night Race (18/10/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sauejordet
Distance: 5.96 km
Time: 43:30
Fun night race just after my second ever (the first was two days ago...) visit to a chiropractor to get my spine to work again: My running stability and speed was obviously affected but it was still very nice just to be able to run.

We had a map flip on control 9, so the course was a lot more readable than on this combined image!

One serious mistake, on the first visit to #8 (20), and towards #5 the plan was to go straight but when I hit the fence opening north of that I took the big path around.

My best route was probably the long leg to #16 where I met an H21 runner (leaving) as I approached #15, but then he must have gone left (south) because I beat him to the final turn into #16.
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Veritas Night Race (18/10/2017) Veritas Night Race (18/10/2017)