KM H60 (26/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fet
Distance: 6.38 km
Time: 50:46
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 174
This was a very good race indeed: Oslo/Akershus county championship and I ended up winning by nearly 9 (!) minutes. I had the best split time on every control except 2, 9 & 10 where I was 6, 12 and 5 seconds behind, so very close to the "superman" time. :-)

I started last and knew (from other classes) that it would be hard to break 10 min/km so I just took the course control by control.

Good flow to #1, same to #2 but a little hesitation might have cost me a few seconds. #3 was optimal via the cabin and a faint deer/elk spoor up the hill.

I won the first long leg to #4 by nearly 2 min, the route around to the right was optimal and my execution was very good.

#5 was even longer but here the only route choice was the possibility to cut across from the first path to the road/second path junction. I ended up a bitt too far north going down the very green hillside but understood that quickly and just followed the ridge to the control. 15-20 sec?

Good flow to #6 and another path route to #7 which gained me another minute on the rest.

Some problems in the boulders between the cliffs towards #8 but yet another split win.

I never saw the pond before #9, that caused me to stop and check the map a few extra times before I decided to just run towards the stream. Lost about 15 sec here.

I was outsprinted by 5 sec downhill to the last control but gained most of that back on the finish sprint.
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KM H60 (26/08/2017) KM H60 (26/08/2017)