OBIK P22 / NK 4 (24/08/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Vettakollen
Organiser: Heming
Distance: 4.88 km
Time: 41:06
I started early in order to try to beat the rain which was forecast by, but the rain arrived early and my choice of X-Talon 200 without metal studs turned out to be stupid: The naked slabs, stones and roots caused lots of slides and a couple of bad falls until I realized that I had to be extremely careful downhil.

The race was mostly OK, except for stopping too soon when I didnt get the contour detail to match the terrain into #3. 30 sec? Otherwise my routes and execution of them were probably close to optimal, but with a final time that corresponded to 10 min/km I can't be satisfied. My legs seemed a bit tired from the 1:45 run to pick up the controls on the race I organized two days ago.
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OBIK P22 / NK 4 (24/08/2017) OBIK P22 / NK 4 (24/08/2017)