Kjentmannspost 1 og 2 (15/08/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Hurum
Distance: 14.67 km
Time: 256:11
21 people this time even though the weather forecast told about heavy rains in the evening/night!

The map I made from public LiDAR data was missing a few paths which I've now included on this map: We started with KP2, starting along the narrow path which I had spotted on the slope image, and then intending to take the dirt road. When we saw a ski track with a sign to the hut near the control we followed that and that turned out to be a nice hike.

After the KP we found a new path from the south end of the field, pretty much exactly where we had expected it, and that gave us a nice route to the "Stikkvann cabin" where we had our dinner break.

Afterwards we took the easy route north and around the first big knoll, then followed the path south and up the extremely steep gully to the top of Stikkvannskollen, before locating another path (which we had seen on an old orienteering map) going south along the ridge until we had to cut west to the control point.

From KP1 we had to either turn back 180 degrees and try to get back down the gully (scary!) or do as we did and go a bit further south along the path until we found a way to climb down between the cliffs, then hiking north along the lake and back to the main path system.

The final part of the hike is where we left our previous route just below KP2 and followed the small path which we didn't have on our map but which we knew would lead back to the parking. At this point it was almost pitch dark (we finished the hike 22:10!) so those without good night vision were effectively blind and had to be lead along. I should have brought my headlamp!

When we finally reached the main road we decided to follow this instead of stumbling back down the dark and slippery path where we had started four hours earlier.
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Kjentmannspost 1 og 2 (15/08/2017) Kjentmannspost 1 og 2 (15/08/2017)