Sørlandsgaloppen 1 H60 (06/07/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Larvik
Distance: 3.04 km
Time: 16:33
Average HR: 166
Maximum HR: 180
I was second best today: Arve Glittum won almost all the individual split times, I had a lot of second best splits. In the end he was 1:13 in front and the next guy was 42 seconds behind me. My only mistake in the race itself was a 10 s loss on control 6 where I made an initial 180 degree turn instead of keeping on to the right.

My other mistake was of course that 2:55 run two days ago, I had absolutely no bounce in my legs today so I ended up plodding around the course. I am pretty sure Arve would have won no matter what I did however, he is just that much faster.
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Sørlandsgaloppen 1 H60 (06/07/2017) Sørlandsgaloppen 1 H60 (06/07/2017)