OBIK P17 (22/06/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Staven-Ravndalen
Organiser: Thales
Distance: 5.95 km
Time: 51:14
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 166
My third race in three days. and this was a longer distance event.

I'm not fit enough for this, even though map & terrain was really nice the heavy heather slowed my tired legs down to the point where I used over 10 min/km without any significant mistakes:

I won every single split time in my class (H60) but shared the course with H55 where Kjell Markset was almost as dominant, he had better speed than me for the first (uphill) part of this race.

OK to #1, to #2 I lost 15-20 seconds searching for and finding/using a windfall which allowed me to cross the creek without getting wet.

OK to #3, no hesitation, but Kjell was 14 sec faster.

OK to #4 as well, could have followed the path a bit longer.

Good execution to #5, gained 15 s on Kjell but was still behind.

#6 was the only really difficult control, I tried to be very careful through the last part but was still happy & a little bit surprised when I nearly stepped on the flag in the middle of fairly dense spruce. Kjell missed a minute here!

Easy transport to #7, except that the control knoll seemed to be a huge boulder which was covered by enough moss & heather to be mapped as a knoll. From where I approached so much rock was exposed that I looked for a boulder on my map.

Easy downhill to #8.

I tried to be really fancy to #9, avoiding the mapped slash east of the big cliff and instead using the white areas of the map, but my route was probably a bit too complicated so I lost a few seconds to Kjell here.

Really good flow all the way down to #10!

Ran exactly as planned to #11, spotted the boulder alongside the narrow marsh as I got close to the control circle.

OK to the last controls except for a small bend into the last. There were several extra boulders in the area and it is possible that it had been misplaced by 15-20 m, Martin Veastad (who both made the map and planned the courses) went out to verify.
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OBIK P17 (22/06/2017) OBIK P17 (22/06/2017)