OBIK P16 (20/06/2017)
Category: Competition
Distance: 4.58 km
Time: 38:18
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 165
Another relativly good race:

Pretty much perfect to #1, all the seniors had the same first control and I had the best split across all classes and courses.

OK to #2 & 3.

Lost half a minute to #4 due to unmapped paths that were just as wide & obvious as the one on the map, probably a new MTB trail.

My route to #5 looks perfect but in reality the first white hillside is missing a lot of rock/boulder dots, so the fastest route would have been to go over the top along the path.

Very good to #6 & 7.

To #8 it was obviously very tempting to take the road, but I wanted more orienteering. I did not manage to execute my planned route properly, came too far south before crossing the first hill and had to backtrack along the path. Possibly 30+ seconds lost here.

Good across to the last control and the easy finish.
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OBIK P16 (20/06/2017) OBIK P16 (20/06/2017)