NM Feltidrett - Skyting og kartlesing (07/06/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Fossumbanen
Distance: 2.59 km
Time: 30:44
Average HR: 129
Maximum HR: 158
The first two parts of the Norwegian Military Championship in "Feltidrett", a triathlon competition consisting of shooting, map reading and orienteering.

We first ran to the shooting range, shot 2x5 shots with a biathlon .22 rifle against a paper target slightly larger than the prone biathlon target, then we ran a loop around the area and returned to the range for another set of 2x5 shots, before we left the rifle behind and started the map reading run where we followed a marked course while carrying a blank map. On each control we then had to mark the exact location we were at, or for #4, 7 & 8 we instead had to pinpoint a control at some distance.

I hit the first 3 locations perfectly, then I had some trouble deciding which of the two dot knolls to indicate on #4 and picked the wrong one: One mm off meant one minute penalty.

I got a similar 1 min penalty on #5 which was placed in a very indistinct spot, but then I got the last three sufficiently close. 2 min total penalty was second best today.

On the shooting part I had one totally messed-up shot where I accidentally pulled the trigger too soon after the last magazine exchange, on the remaining 19 shots I hit 15 targets which I have to be satisfied with since this championship is normally the only time I use a rifle in a year.
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NM Feltidrett - Skyting og kartlesing (07/06/2017) NM Feltidrett - Skyting og kartlesing (07/06/2017)