OBIK P12 / AB 3 (06/06/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jegersborgdammen
Organiser: Fossum
Distance: 4.81 km
Time: 38:17
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 164
Horrible! I ran well to #1 & 2, lead the course by 37 seconds after just 2.5 minute running, but then it all fell apart: By the marsh 60% of the way to #3 I saw the knoll on the west side of the path and immediately decided that this had to be the control hill even though I hadn't even passed the path junction yet. Lost at least 1.5 min.

I tried to pull myself together, ran OK to #4 & 5 and when Eivind Hoff in H55 missed #5 I even regained a clear course lead of almost a minute.

I could have gone flat & straight to #6 but decided to "play it safe and take the path", but when I ended up on an unmapped path I made a huge left bend. With high speed all the way I didn't lose too much time here however.

Another "safe route" to #7 where I didn't spot the control and lost over 1.5 minute in the control area. At the same time Eicind grabbed the course lead for good.

OK to #8, but with the flag located a few meters further south than indicated on the map, hidden behind some ferns, I hesitated a few seconds.

OK #9

Back to the first control for #10 which should have ben easy but I still made a little loop around the control. 5-10 sec?

When I didn't find the indistinct path through the windfalls towards #11 I lost another half minute.

#12 was a time loss of over 2 minutes but here I can blame it upon a flag which was misplaced: As my track show I ran directly into the control spur/plateau, but the flag had been placed further north and I ran up and down along the hill trying to find it.

The last three controls were OK, and I did still win H60 by over 11 minutes but I was almost 2 min behind Eivind: More than 6 minutes of time loss in less than 4 km is totally unexceptable. :-(
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OBIK P12 / AB 3 (06/06/2017) OBIK P12 / AB 3 (06/06/2017)