Pinseløpet dag 2 (04/06/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gamlegrendsåsen
Organiser: Kongsberg
Distance: 4.72 km
Time: 33:23
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 173
Started OK and led the race from #2 to #4, but Arve Glittum had higher speed than me from that point and when I missed #5 by close to a minute I had to settle for second place. However, even with a perfect race I would probably still have been behind Arve.

Very good to #1 & 2, here the course went pretty much as I had guessed from looking at the map from the day before.

Some hesitation into #3, ended up slightly too far right.

OK to #4.

Towards #5 I did not find the best exit (via the path) but the most serious error was inside the circle where I knew I needed to turn right but still went left around two sets of windfall and bypassed the control. Lost nearly a minute here!

The rest of the race was quite good, I had top-3 splits on all controls except #8 where I was fourth, but when Arve was best on 7 of them he won deservedly!
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Pinseløpet dag 2 (04/06/2017) Pinseløpet dag 2 (04/06/2017)