OBIK P11 / Nordmarkskarusell (01/06/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Låkeberget
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Distance: 4.42 km
Time: 35:35
Quite good, a much better race than yesterday:

1: Could have taken the road but the direct route was much more fun.

2: Considered keeping to the right and taking the ride into the control, but these rides seemd to be quite indistinct and/or filled with slash making them less runnable, so I aimed at the nice open marsh as my attack point. Lost 5+ seconds because I didn't see the flag!

3: Very steep in parts, I had to walk some of the hills.

4: Good flow.

5: Considered taking the path but ran as flat as possible instead.

6: Hesitated a couple of seconds when I didn't spot the boulder by the control circle ring, I had intended to use this as my attack point.

7: OK.

8: My only real mistake: I refolded my map and started running from #9, cutting east to the path. After a much too steep drop down to this path I realized my error and just kept on along the path. I suspect I lost a minute here. :-(

9-12: OK

13: Misread the control description to be a knoll instead of the cliff, so after running up on top of the knoll I had to jump down again. About 5 sec?

14-15-Finish: OK, tried to maintain my concentration to the end.
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OBIK P11 / Nordmarkskarusell (01/06/2017) OBIK P11 / Nordmarkskarusell (01/06/2017)