Geoform (31/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Solemskogen
Organiser: Bjørn Grinde
Distance: 4.83 km
Time: 40:32
Average HR: 153
Maximum HR: 169
I had two long runs yesterday to set out and pick up all the controls for the race I organized from Hønefoten in Maridalen, so I only planned an easy climbing gym session today, but when I left "Klatreverket" the weather was so nice that I decided to do this event as well.

#1: OK, even if Knut-Anders Løken as usual will do a max sprint on one or two legs, today he lead the course by 14 seconds here.

#2: Very good, second best split time.

#3: OK

#4: The best route was obviously to do a 180 degree turn and run back the same way to the ski track but that would have been too boring so I tried an alternative route which I mishandled. Lost a minute here.

#5: My first split win, good flow all the way into the control.

#6: OK

#7: I managed to run all the way up the hill in relatively deep blueberry/heather, got another split win and lead the race for the first and only time.

#8: Very good all the into the control circle where I suddenly spotted an unmapped boulder above me, when this one didn't have any control I thought I was too low and went a bit higher up before I realized that from my attack point I should not have needed any climb at all. Lost 45-60 sec.

#9: OK

#10: Bad route: I scrambled along the worst part of the hillside instead of either going almost straight, just above the largest cliff, or take the ride on a wide left bend and then cut across the valley above all the cliffs.

#11: I started OK but then I tried to turn enough left so as to cross the thin light green, but I overdid it and went through the worst dark green instead.

Finish: A very long run-in to Bjørn Grinde's home!

I ended up in second place less than a minute behind Espen Jacobsen, but he had just jogged from the last control losing 2.5 minutes here. My total time loss was about 3 minutes but my running shape was better than expected.
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Geoform (31/05/2017) Geoform (31/05/2017)