Kvistkvaset H130 (25/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Eldor
Organiser: Ås
Leg: 3
Distance: 5.79 km
Time: 39:48
Fastest time on the anchor leg allowed me to pass 3 of the 5 teams in front of us when I started, but I made one serious mistake: Without this I could have caught both of the teams who started 4-5 minutes in front of me, now I finished 1 & 2 minutes behind them.

#1: I sprinted all the way out of the arena, past the starting triangle and into the forest: This allowed me to catch up to and pass Nydalens 2nd team and one of the two Moss teams, then I saw the other Moss team as I passed the road.

#2 & 3: Good flow, high speed.

#4: Tiny wobble into the control.

#5: The first mistake was to run straight, I should have taken the road through the Eldor farm, but the serious error happened when I passed the indistinct path and decided that I had to be too far north when in reality I was perfectly positioned to hit the path junction. I recovered when I hit the ditches in the dark green and found the control at once from there, but I lost at least 2 min here. (I lost over 2.5 min to the best split on my course)

#6: OK

#7: I intended to take the single-dash path but was fooled by an unmapped track and ended up going through the darkest green. Lost about 20 s.

#8-11: OK

#12: Here it could have been faster to run past the last control, on the north side of the road which is marked as illegal: The first logged area was very bad indeed. On my way into the control I saw both of the teams in front of me, but at that point I still had too far to go to have any chance of catching up to either of them.

#13: This was pure transport along the ditch to the junction.

#14: I made a small left bend here to make sure that I would cross the perpendicular ditch east of both the N-S ditches, then I just had to turn right, jump over the first and hit the control at the end of the second.

#15: Control #12 had shown me that I had to run around the logged area here.

Under 40 min for a 5.1 km course means that this was my first forest race faster than 8 min/km this year! :-)
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Kvistkvaset H130 (25/05/2017) Kvistkvaset H130 (25/05/2017)