OBIK P9 / AB 2 (23/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skriverberget
Organiser: Haslum
Distance: 5.05 km
Time: 43:07
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 165
Very good start to the first 3 controls and OK route to #4, but then I misread the control description and thought I was looking for a knoll, this meant that I didn't look for a boulder and passed the flag by a few meters. It took 2:10 until I got back to the exact same spot, and this (together with a few smaller mistakes) cost me the course win today.

OK to #5 & 6, slightly bad route to #7 (I should have stayed on the line or a few meters south of it) let Svein Jacobsen take over the lead for the second time and now he kept it to the end.

#8 was a parallel mistake, when I hit the path I thought I was further west and ran too far downhill.

Good flow to #9, another 30+ seconds lost on #10 when I ran past the control.

OK to the final controls.
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OBIK P9 / AB 2 (23/05/2017) OBIK P9 / AB 2 (23/05/2017)