OBIK P6 (11/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Gjelleråsen
Organiser: Østmarka OK
Distance: 3.88 km
Time: 36:35
Average HR: 150
Maximum HR: 166
The largest May snowfall in Oslo (30 cm at Tryvann!) in meteorological history caused a lot of traffic problems this morning and led the organizer to shorten the courses a bit.

1: I was led completely astray into the first control because I mixed up tracks from previous runners with the actual paths on the map, I lost about 2 min here.

2: The previous mistake made me a lot more careful for the rest of the race, this time I counted steps and checked the direction many times.

3: Ditto.

4: The crux of the course: I realized that I had to start by finding the gully leading down to the sharp valley, then climb up and finish by contouring into the control area and hope that I would notice the paths so I could use them to judge the distance. I did see the first but never the second and was very glad to hit the control nicely.

5: I wanted to avoid the semi-open logged area since it would have a lot more snow cover, this caused me to make a bit of a left bend near the end.

6: Bad direction running tempted me into the green reentrant first. 15 s?

7: Very easy.

8: Obvious route.

9: The light green valley was relatively runnable so I stayed down there a bit longer than I originally planned.

10: Difficult route choice, crossing the valley was so slow that it would probably have been faster to go west to the path, follow that down to the bend and then cut across to the path I ended up taking down to the control circle.

11: This one was probably located a bit further north-west than shown on the map, i.e. I hit the flag sooner than expected.

12: The last control had been put out by the course planner's daughter, it was placed about 50 m too far north but since it was just 2 m from the path in an open area most people probably didn't notice anything wrong. It was fixed after I reported the problem.
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OBIK P6 (11/05/2017) OBIK P6 (11/05/2017)