OBIK P5 / AB 1 (09/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Eineåsen
Organiser: Bærum SK
Distance: 4.43 km
Time: 32:44
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 168
I had only one goal for this event and that was to avoid any mistakes, something i failed spectacularly to do. :-(

1: OK

2: I thought the path I ran up wasn't mapped and then the control was a bit far from the path. 15-20s?

3: OK

4: I was afraid the marsh would be wet, the route choice I ran to the right was 20-30s slower.

5-8: OK

9: Completely fooled by a huge ski track on top of the hill where there is just a small path on the map. Lost 90s.

10: I had planned to go straight but decided to try the path around: It was extremely rocky down to the bottom, so this route was definitely quite bad. 30-60s?

My raw gps track seems to indicate severe local skewing on this map, i.e. relative angles, shapes and distances seems off!
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OBIK P5 / AB 1 (09/05/2017) OBIK P5 / AB 1 (09/05/2017)