Askerløpet (07/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Borgen
Distance: 5.05 km
Time: 35:29
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 167
Horrible start: I wanted to go straight but decided that taking the safe route around on the paths would be nearly as fast and give me time to plan a few of the next controls: When I lost control of the path junctions I ended up with a wide turn and a time loss of at least 90 sec.

2: I had already been on the ridge so I knew this was quite nice and it made the control very safe.

3: I wanted to avoid the dense green but took more of a left turn than needed, lost 13 sec to Kjell Rønneberg who ended up in 2nd place.

4: Very easy, ran quite fast here.

5: Careful up to this one, lots of compass checking from the small cliff and up.

6: I had planned to follow the path a bit further to the yellow ski track but there was an indistinct path over the knoll, probably an MTB track. The control might have been located too high up, by the next dot knoll?

7: Very easy.

8: Direction and contours.

9: I considered taking the indistinct path along the ridge but decided to go straight instead since the light green was quite runnable.

10: Good flow

11: Transport

12: Took the safest route here, it would have been faster to simply follow the big path along the fence and attack from below but coming from above made it impossible to miss it.

13: Running...

14: More running to the finish

Won by almost 5 min, only half as many starters in my class as yesterday.
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Askerløpet (07/05/2017) Askerløpet (07/05/2017)