Fossumløpet (06/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Tangenåsen / Sørkedalen
Organiser: Fossum
Distance: 3.39 km
Time: 25:58
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 174
Better running shape but too much lost time:

I started just one minute behind Øyvind Sørlie who was one of the two competitors I believed could beat me on a good day, so I started hard, hit #1 perfectly and found reasonably good micro route choices through all the fallen trees in the green stripe area towards #2, hitting the ski track exactly where I wanted to, in the bend. My mistake occured shortly afterwards when I passed the dotted blue narrow march: This looked just like a stream with all the water in the terrain so I thought I had already passed the stream just before the control. At the same time I saw Øyvind maybe 10+ seconds ahead of me. Now I know that he was just about to punch the control at this time, but I did not see the flag or the boulder and assumed that he had already been there and was going towards #3. After turning back to look for the control I spotted the ski track again and realized what I had done. I'm estimating my time loss at 40-45 s here.

#3: Adrenalin-fueled running up the hill, I found a very good route linking the most runnable areas and when I passed the knoll with the distinct bend at the top I had an excellent attack point. Per Kristian Ekeberg must have found an even better route, he was 16 s faster.

#4: Pretty much perfect, just linking the open areas down along the spur.

#5: Good direction running and high speed allowed me to once again spot Øyvind here.

#6: Found a good route up the hillside, as soon as it got a little bit less steep I turned a bit right, noticed the even wetter ground and hit the control nicely.

#7: Started out with bad direction for a few meters while trying to find good micro routes, then corrected and spotted the open logged area so I knew I had to turn a bit right and cross the wet reentrant.

#8: Good flow.

#9: Scary control with lots of windfall making it hard to keep good direction so I used my compass a lot here.

#10: "Hit the ski track, follow it to the path junction and go straight!" The problem was that the path junction was much less distinct than I anticipated, by the time I faced a relatively steep climb I realized I had passed it without noticing and cut right. Lost 15-20 s.

#11: Very nice, good route and nice flow, avoided nearly all the bad windfall.

#12: OK

#13: I considered going all the way around on the path but decided to cut across, running where the green was least bad: This led me a bit too far west but I still think the route was OK.

Total time loss was very close to one minute.

In the end I did win the race, with Øyvind in second and my old team mate Per K. in third place.
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Fossumløpet (06/05/2017) Fossumløpet (06/05/2017)