Oslo City Cup Finale (02/05/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Apalløkka Skole
Organiser: Lillomarka
Distance: 3.62 km
Time: 20:50
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 176
OK race. I started late, after the end of the chasing start due to too few qualifying races but I still had the best time in my class tonight.

Easy start to #1 & #2, some time to read the next controls.

#3: Close to optimal here, could possibly have avoided going via #6 but the difference must be really tiny.

#4 & #5: Setup/positioning controls.

#6: First real mistake: First I started moving south a couple of meters before I changed my mind and then I executed badly. Lost 10+ seconds here.

#7: I had already done this in reverse, so I did some reading on the next long route choice instead.

#8: Best route but I messed up midway when I did a parallel mistake, thinking I had already passed the main road. Lost 10-15 s.

#9-11: OK.

#12: Really bad route, mostly caused by low runnability around the kindergarden, but also due to the altitude lost afterwards, followed by more climb. Probably around 20 s.

#12-Finish: OK
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Oslo City Cup Finale (02/05/2017) Oslo City Cup Finale (02/05/2017)