Tiomila 3 etp Nydalens Old Boys team (29/04/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Partille
Leg: 3
Distance: 7.88 km
Time: 68:42
Average HR: 160
Maximum HR: 172
Mostly OK orienteering but too slow running speed due to the hilly terrain and very wet marshes:

1: I started out in a vacuum, with no other teams anywhere around me but when I crossed the path junction after about 40% of the leg I caught up to a pair of runners who probably took the extremely muddy indistinct path around the first hill. None of them seemed to have my forking so I was alone again until the 4th control.

2: Very good flow here.

3: Started perfectly by making a small left bend around the bad marshland but around halfway, when crossing the big valley, some tracks from the youth and/or ladies relays caused me to think that I was too far south and that made me insecure into the control area and I ended up passing it very closely. I recovered on the next knoll and turned back, losing about 1:45.

4: I should have gone around the marsh here, I fell into a big pool of water and had to wade out.

5: Another very wet route but I don't know what else I should have done.

6: Easy setup control for the next forking.

7: I had seen some big screen tracking before I started so I knew that this was a forked control and that the one I had (D) was by far the most difficult so I was very careful here and happy when it turned up where it should be.

8: By this point I had caught up with a few other runners and ran well.

9: I took the lead again here, lost 10-15 s on a small wobble inside the control circle.

10: Here I was getting tired: First I changed my mind and decided to take the path left of the hill instead of almost straight as I had started to do, and then I had some direction problems after hitting control H before my own G, even though I knew exactly where I was. I think I lost at least a minute here.

I gained 16 positions during my leg, from 213 to 197, and since almost all the others guys also passed several teams we ended up around 160 which we're quite satisfied with.

Our team had an average age between 54 and 55, we believe this might be a record for the oldest team to ever finish Tiomila.
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Tiomila 3 etp Nydalens Old Boys team (29/04/2017) Tiomila 3 etp Nydalens Old Boys team (29/04/2017)