OBIK P3 (27/04/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Østmarksetra
Distance: 5.62 km
Time: 50:41
Bad race directly after flying home from Houston via Newark, this was expected so I'm not too worried about Tiomila this coming weekend.

1: Intended to use the boulder below the cliff as my attack point but when I didn't spot it I dropped a minute here.

2: The control was far lower in the terrain than indicated on the race map, it looks almost flat but in reality I had to go there twice before I dropped down the 10+ meters of elevation. I estimated this one at 90 sec and that seems about right from the split times.

OK to 3, 4, 5.

6: I didn't find the correct path down the hillside and then I decided to go straight instead of the much easier route along the road and paths, just to get as much orienteering as possible. As expected I did lose some time here.

7: OK

8: I intended to make a wide left route to the lake but when I ended up in the middle I just had to climb up the hillside to the control. Knut Helland in H55 ran almost a minute faster than me here.

9: Similar to #8 in that I inteded to go further left but messed up.

I won my class but was almost 5 min behind Knut.
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OBIK P3 (27/04/2017) OBIK P3 (27/04/2017)