Oslo City Cup #2 (04/04/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Ekeberg
Organiser: Bækkelaget
Distance: 3.58 km
Time: 22:32
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 175
Good start, won the first splits and lead the race for the first 3 controls.

On the climb up the hill to #4 I lost 10-15 seconds at the end, first by going over the top instead of around on the rock slabs, and second by hesitating into the control which seemed to be located a bit too far south compared to the field at the top of the hill.

I ran well down to 5, took what seems like the best route to #6 (but the difference was quite small, execution was equally important) and regained the lead.

On #7 I was still leading, but then I made a crucial mistake: I started going west along what turned out to be the best route but then I saw the option to the north along the road.Since this would also give me very easy access to the control I therefore changed my mind and turned around. This was really stupid because I immediately lost 30 seconds getting back to the control, and when the route itself turned out to be 15-25 seconds slower I ended up lossing almost a minute here to the best split. If I had taken my route at once however, I would have been very close to Einar Jensen, the eventual winner.

From #9 to #10 I ran along the visible path, my track shows that this was not the one indicated on the map but my split times on these final controls were all OK. I did lose a few seconds hesitating into #12 and Trond Rønneberg was far faster than me down the hill to the last control. I must have spent too much time orienteering here, as my track show I ran a perfect line even if I never used my compass.
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Oslo City Cup #2 (04/04/2017) Oslo City Cup #2 (04/04/2017)