Blåveissprinten (25/03/2017)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kråkerøy
Organiser: FSK
Distance: 4.26 km
Time: 32:09
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 175
A good result for my very first race in H60: I won 9 of the 15 splits and the race by over 4 min.

Today I felt very tired on my way to the start line, I couldn't even jog along the road but had to walk quite a bit, but when the start clock started beeping I still tried to run as fast as possible and I won the first split clearly.

After passing the narrow marsh halfway to #2 I hesitated, had some trouble matching the contour drawing to the terrain but ran on in the right direction. Lost 8 s.

Very good to #3, perfect direction running using the contour details to help me steer.

#4 turned up a few meters further right than I expected, but no time loss.

#5 was a classic sprint route choice, I wanted to go straight since that is often fast in Fredrikstad, but decided to use the path around and the cliff line to lead me into the control. This worked very well, I won this split by over a minute.

Some hesitation into #6, tried to read the contour line.

OK to #7

I had perfect control almost into #8, but really didn't like the contour drawing here, it didn't seem to match up at all to what I looked at from above the control. I stopped completely and lost a full minute here!

Small wobble into #9 where I caught back up to Øyvind Sørlie who I had passed towards #5, I saw him on the other (wrong) side of the first field.

#10 was another 30 s time loss, on my race map the control circle completely hid the fact that the marsh just west of the control is located in a sharp/deep gully, instead it looked like it was sitting on a shelf in the hillside.

I saw that Øyvind, who didn't miss #10, went straight over the logged area (which didn't look nearly as bad as is shown on the map) but I decided I would try the path around instead, this turned out to be much better and Øyvind later told me that he was just behind me on #11.

#12 was OK considering that the contour drawing really doesn't give you any indication of how much sharp detail there is in that final hillside! Many runners lost significant time here.

OK to the last 3 controls.
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Blåveissprinten (25/03/2017) Blåveissprinten (25/03/2017)