NSK Night training (22/03/2017)
Category: Training
Map/area: Krokhol
Distance: 6.38 km
Time: 70:25
Streaming start to emulate a 2nd leg on Tiomila, this worked well for the first two controls (with forking on #1) but then the long course runners had an extra loop and I only saw a few lights for the rest of the course.

I'm very satisfied with my orienteering tonight, all the controls just turned up exactly when and where I expected them to.

My two worst mistakes were to #5 where I tried to make a left bend to avoid the worst green but instead managed to hit all the cliffs on the way, and then to the finish where the ride 100 m before the finish line had been turned into a new road! I took this road to the left looking for the finish marker until I hit the golf course and realized what had happened.
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NSK Night training (22/03/2017) NSK Night training (22/03/2017)