PWT Caribbean Cruise (08/12/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Jost van Dyke - Course 1
Distance: 2.85 km
Time: 20:22
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 169
Somewhat better than yesterday, but still far from OK:
#1: I destroyed my race here when I hit an unmapped but clearly impassable fence, then after finding an illegal way out of the area I couldn't read the map well enough to see the contours and climbed all the way up to the road while looking for the clearing with the control. Lost 2+ minutes.
#2 & #3: Restarted my race and found these controls quickly
#4 was hidden inside the hedge, lost a few seconds.
#5: OK
#6: I had planned to climb up to the road but reconsidered when I realized that the medeum/light green was quite runnable so I could avoid the extra climb. This turned out to be about 1.5 minutes faster than my original plan.
#7-#10: Easy controls, lots of running in the sand.
#11: This control was clearly misplaced, I lost another minute here.
#12-#14: Run!
#15: I saw a couple of people in front of me cutting through the OOB area but decided to follow the rules and go around.
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PWT Caribbean Cruise (08/12/2016) PWT Caribbean Cruise (08/12/2016)