PWT Caribbean Cruise (09/12/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: St Kitts - Basseterre - Course 1
Distance: 3.9 km
Time: 19:44
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 173
A pure city sprint, almost totally flat and a very good & accurate map! :-)
#1: I had missed my designated starting time, so I started just after a H21 runner (who had the same course), so when he started left I went right instead, I think this was at least as fast.
#2: No real route choice.
#3: There was a police woman directing traffic in the first instersection, she started yelling something at me (possibly that I should wait for the cars lined up from several directions?), so I just got out of there and when I discovered that I was in the wrong street I just continued around. This cost me 8-10 seconds.
#4: Zig-zag running to cut across as many corners as possible.
#5: Going right was an option but left was probably shorter and faster.
#6: Running up to the church, then I did some fast walking past another police woman who were guarding the grounds and the grave stones.
#7: OK.
#8: I decided that the narrow alley had to go all the way through, which it did, but I lost a few seconds searching for the correct opening.
#9: Easy running
#10: More running, the only alternative route choice was the same speed.
#11: Very easy.
#12: I think my route here was the shortest possible.
#13: Easy.
#14: The entire yellow area west of the "17" numerals was a building site, this made my route 5+ seconds slower.
#15: No route choice here.
#16: Going left would have been slower
#17: Find the alley!
The Finish was moved off the warm-up area and closer to the last control.
Jon Bjørgum keeps running a few seconds faster on every leg, today he was a minute in front of me.
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PWT Caribbean Cruise (09/12/2016) PWT Caribbean Cruise (09/12/2016)