PWT Caribbean Cruise (10/12/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: St Barths - Gustavia - Course 1
Distance: 4.69 km
Time: 28:16
Average HR: 159
Maximum HR: 173
A final city sprint, this one very hilly:
#1: The starting point was far from the triangle, so when I cut left to find the first alley going up the hill I ended up in a shopping area and had to find my way out and around, I probably lost half a minute here.
#2: The map correction showing that it was illegal to leave #1 down the stairs confused me so I didn't see the stairs going up, instead and ran back out and around on the top side, this was probably the worst possible route here. Another 15 sec?
#3: We were told before starting that this control was moved to the outside of the gate, since the gate was locked close. I should probably have taken the streets instead of the stairs up the hill.
#4-#6: OK, but the stairs up to the top of the hill were very tough! On the way down I met Jon Bjørgum and estimated that he had to be quite close, but Jon told me afterwards that he checked his watch and found out that we were exactly one minute apart, just like when we started.
#7: The control area was closed due to new construction, Jörgen M was standing by the control explaining that it had been moved and that we had to return the way we entered.
#8: The moved control messed up my concentration quite badly, I finally recovered down by the harbour! This mistake must have cost me 1.5 minutes, on my way to the control I saw that Jon were also making a (much smaller) mistake and was still unsure where he was but he saw me and found it just a few seconds later.
#9-#11: Jon ran as expected very fast here but I was quite happy to notice that I had no real problem keeping the same speed.
#12: Going up the hill I noticed that Jon seemed tired, I managed to get a gap and increased this all the way to the finish, but I still only managed to recover about 15 seconds so Jon won this event as well, making a clean sweep of the H55 class on this trip. Congratulations!
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PWT Caribbean Cruise (10/12/2016) PWT Caribbean Cruise (10/12/2016)