PWT Caribbean Cruise (07/12/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Norman Island Pirate Bight - Course 1
Distance: 3.96 km
Time: 33:19
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 178
This was possibly the worst map I have ever used, in that it had extreme skewing over short distances: My real track to the first control was well over 50 m away from where the dirt road is drawn!
#1: I was happy that I managed to run all the way up the hill in very hot weather.
#2: Just run but make sure I didn't miss the path junction. This was happily marked with a control flag so it was easy to see, but at least one of my competitors managed to miss it and ran out of the map instead.
#3: Here there was another control 25 m before ours, on the special tree on the left side of the path. 5 or 6 guys punched here instead, proving that the heat and climb was clouding their thinking.
#4: There was a control in the path junction 50m before the control so I tried to follow that path but gave up as it was completely overgrown.
#5: I decided that going down to the main track had to be fastest as long as I could find an opening through the narrowest part of the dark green. This went OK but when I came to the path bend and started looking for the open area up to the right nothing fit: The open was overgrown and the path bend was closer to the control so I ended up searching too far west in the dark green stuff. I lost about 3.5 minutes here.
#6: I never saw any white forest down left so I went all around and then I missed the control itself. Another minute lost.
#7: OK
#8: I had spotted this flag on my way to #6 so it was very easy.
#9: Back to the area where I lost so much time on #5, I was once again fooled by the vegetation boundaries and relative placements/skewing errors and lost another couple of minutes. The control boulder is mis-drawn, in reality it was located quite a bit lower.
#10: Since the map shows that going left would result in significantly less climb I did so, but with much more vegetation and at least 15 m of extra climbing from a lower control location this was another mistake: 28 min/km on this leg without any real miss!
#11-Finish: OK
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PWT Caribbean Cruise (07/12/2016) PWT Caribbean Cruise (07/12/2016)