PWT Caribbean Cruise (06/12/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Prickly Pear Island - Course 1
Distance: 1.73 km
Time: 14:49
(No GPS track so hand-drawn in QuickRoute)
#1 & #2: OK, some hesitation due to flooding by the marsh.
#3 & #4: More wet marshes and a lot of dense vegetation where I had to be very careful in my running shorts. Thights would have been much better! I saw control 4 first, then I followed the same route up to #3 and back down.
#5: I had seen this control when I ran to #3, so now I just needed to get back to the same spot.
#6: I reused the opening I had found down from #2, but lost some time to Egil who ran a more direct route.
#7: Left the path too soon, got stuck in a couple of vegetation patches.
#8: Easy, just get back almost to the start.
#9: With an impassable fence I had to go back through the start area, then I ran along the shore in firmer (wet) sand.
#10 to #18: Just a lot of running!
Finish: The finish flag/unit was placed closer to the building than shown on the map, I ran straight past (just like several other runners!) and lost 20 sec, my largest time loss today.
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PWT Caribbean Cruise (06/12/2016) PWT Caribbean Cruise (06/12/2016)