PWT Caribbean Cruise (05/12/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Road Bay Anguilla Course 1
Distance: 3.74 km
Time: 27:53
(I forgot to start my GPS so the track log is hand-drawn to control 7)
#1: Only legal route, the map printing made it very hard to see the difference between garden OOB and open yellow so I hesitated a little bit, and the control was placed south-east towards the road instead of south, so I had to run all the way around the thicket.

#2: Pure running

#3: Here I didn't see the shortcut, opting to go back and along the main road instead of cutting over closer to #9 which might have been 10-15 sec faster? The map and/or control placement was probably wrong, I lost another 5-10 sec inside the circle.

#4: More running.

#5: It was very hard to read the map inside the green, particularly since I ran with dark sunglasses in the glaring sun. I found the path up the hill but failed (along with several others I've discussed the race with) to see the flag in the gloom. I climbed all the way up to the road and then had to go back down. 30 sec?

#6: I had to walk the steepest part of this hillside.

#7: Running.

#8: More running.

#9: Even more running...

#10: I took the beach route since it was clearly shorter, choosing to run close to the surf where the sand was firmer. Hesitated a bit while locating the correct alley between the houses.

#11: Here I was confused by the drawing of the parking lot to the west of the control, along with some vegetation to the east. I ran past the control and lost 30sec.

#12: Easy except for a very well hidden flag, 2-3 runners stood nearby while I stamped, they had all failed to spot it.

#13: I ran around the active beach bar areas.

#14-Finish: OK

In the end I was a minute behind Jon Bjørgum who has won all the races so far. When we compare split times it is obvious that he is 2-5 second faster on most controls due to a higher running speed. I think I will need a perfect race to beat him!
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PWT Caribbean Cruise (05/12/2016) PWT Caribbean Cruise (05/12/2016)