PWT Caribbean Cruise (04/12/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Marigot
Distance: 3.46 km
Time: 20:05
Marigot Course 1
#1 & 2: Very easy starting controls, just running and some time to check out the map.

#3: Find the very narrow alley, otherwise dead easy.

#4: More running and still no real route choice.

#5: Uphill! By far the toughest leg of the course, still no real orienteering. I had to walk the last part of the stairs up to the old fort.

#6: Easy except for the purple cliff added as a correction: With some dense vegetation below it as well I got stuck for a few seconds here.

#7: My Waterloo! I read the map as if I had entered the fort directly up from the end of the staircase, so I used that assumption to place the control, and this meant that I spent an eternity (90 sec!) looking in the wrong area, going back & forth.

#8: Back down the hill.

#9: At this point I had so much sweat in my eyes that I couldn't see the map, so I had to try to clear it away with my fingers, underneath my running glasses, this helped a bit but left the glasses pretty dirty. I had to repeat this operation on almost every control for the rest of the race. I'll have to wear a sweat band for the rest of the trip!

#10: The sweat meant that I couldn't see that the way I took into the control area was supposed to be blocked off, probably because it is normally a market area, but this being a Sunday everything was empty.

#11: Lost 5+ seconds by leaving the market area in the wrong direction.

#12 & 13: Pure running.

#14: Left or right? Left was probably best since that meant I would pass through the control instead of having to turn around.

#15-Finish: Lots of running...

This was the day I could have won, since Jon Bjørgum (who runs 2-3 seconds faster than me to almost every control) made a one-minute mistake closer to the end of the course, but with a 90 second time loss on that 18-second leg I ended up well down the list in M55.
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PWT Caribbean Cruise (04/12/2016) PWT Caribbean Cruise (04/12/2016)