Veritas natt (16/11/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Konglungen
Distance: 5.08 km
Time: 51:23
Average HR: 148
Maximum HR: 176
First race in more than a month, I was extremely rusty, It didn't help that the map is quite old and the printing less than optimal, which together with heavy rain made it too hard to read the map for me.

1: OK

2: This control was almost certainly placed too far WSW along the hillside, I thought I had good control when I first approached it from above, then I tried to spot it from the road moving back and forth before returning up to the path and finding it about 20 m outside the control circle according to my GPS. I lost 5 minutes here and basically stopped racing.

3: OK

4: Difficult control, the GPS track might indicate that it was placed a bit too far uphill but the course setter insisted that he had checked all the controls very carefully,

5: OK except for not seeing the control when I hit the reentrant, lost 10-15 sec.

6: OK

7: OK except for a lot of hesitation along the hillside, I had problems with distance estimation all night. This was probably related to my rusty running form since I often tend to overestimate how far I have run when moving slower than usual.

8: Hit it perfectly without seeing the reflex marker, searched further south and lost 2+ min.

9: OK

10: Mostly OK

11: OK

12: OK

13: Another control where I didn't spot the marker which was well hidden, lost 2 min.

14-Finish: OK

Most of my time losses tonight, except #2, were probably due to not being able to read the contours. It was still very good to be back in the forest!
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Veritas natt (16/11/2016) Veritas natt (16/11/2016)