Harry Lagert Finale C (14/10/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Solemskogen
Distance: 8.17 km
Time: 66:12
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 173
Finally good orienterring for a full night-O race:

I started 8:25 behind the leader, in the first mass start consisting of 10 runners, and with about 50 more starting within the next two minutes. I took the lead in this group and kept it until halfway up the ridge past the midway lake.

2: Running up the road everyone else ran away from me, when I entered the path there were no visible lights in the forest so I took a careful bearing from the end of the path and hit the boulder perfectly, at the same time as my group arrived from a mistake to the left.

3: Ran with the group, got passed by a few up the steep hill but when the group missed inside the circle I left them and found it before most of them.

4: Ran my own route here, got passed by a couple of young guys on the path.

5: The group in front of me seemed to run more directly, I went over the top of the hill, then I got a bit confused by a new (unmapped) MTB trail, so I just went down to the big marsh and took it from there.

6: Nice route past the middle knoll with the boulders, then over and along the hillside.

7: Here another big grouop had collected, they ran too far west(to the right) so I cut down alongside the obvious funnel/reentrant line and hit this one in the lead, just as one of the guys missing literally dived into the control, hitting the punching stand and pushing it to the ground. At the end of the resulting melee I was back in my usual position closer to the end of the group.

8: We found an amazingly runnable route down to the road, then I once again got left behind by everyone else on the uphill road and path.

For the rest of the race I just made sure I hit the controls and that there were no lights coming from behind.

I ended up dead last (12) in the 11-strong group of runners, but I'm very happy that I managed to keep my calm each time I ended up alone, as well as each time the group in front made mistakes.
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Harry Lagert Finale C (14/10/2016) Harry Lagert Finale C (14/10/2016)