Veritas Night Cup #1 (12/10/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bogstad
Distance: 5.06 km
Time: 45:31
Average HR: 152
Maximum HR: 174
I need to concentrate! I started with two hours of indoor rock climbing, then I drove to this event and discovered that I had forgotten my head lamp. SInce the race was only 10+ minutes from my home I drove back and fetched it. When I wanted to enter the competition I was asked to help with a computer/timing issue so I spent a few minutes trying to get the automatic entry reader work.

When I finally got to start I had planned to run the path all the way around to the right, but as soon as I got past the green patch on the map the forest seemed OK so I went direct instead, and when I hit the (first) dot knoll I turned downhill towards the control. A little bit later I spotted a control slightly up to the right which in reality was west of the second dot knoll but at this point I was so sure that it had to be mine that I didn't check the code. DSQ!

As my track log shows I very nearly stumbled across the correct control but at that point I was weaving around windfalls and slash and didn't look for any reflex markers. Later on I expected to see the path alongside the end of the open (logged) area but didn't since it was behind a row of trees. When I realized this I cut across, but then I failed to spot the path junction, causing an additional wobble.

3: This was the first good control. I considered going left of the knoll in the middle but the final hillside with green stripes and rocks didn't look very inviting so I ran around.

4: OK except that just after passing the houses I suddenly started to orienteer towards #5 instead of #4, trying to find the path. I realized this after maybe 30 sec and hit the control very nicely.

5: Good flow & speed here, at this point I was just a few seconds slower than the leader.

6: Very good until the last 100 m where I took a proper compass course in order to be safe. As my track shows the mittens I used against the cold must have caused me to miss the direction by almost 30 degrees! I lost 2-3 minutes here.

7: Several indistinct and unmapped paths drew me a bit off course to begin with but I found the real path and ran well to the final path crossing where I took a bearing aiming slightly to the left of the control, so that when I hit the ditch I could follow that to the right. This worked perfectly, except that when I found the ditch I at the same time spotted two runners who must have been standing at the control but who looked like they had no idea where they were or where the control could be. I therefore went left instead and lost a little over a minute before I realized that my initial plan was correct.

8: Mostly OK, tiny wobble at the end due to a number of new paths.

9: OK

10: Hit the wrong cliff first, otherwise OK.

11: Here I could have gone a bit further down on the open field before entering the forest which was covered by a lot of large windfalls.

12: OK
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Veritas Night Cup #1 (12/10/2016) Veritas Night Cup #1 (12/10/2016)