Harry Lagert Bonus (05/10/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Langsetløkka
Organiser: NSK
Distance: 6.22 km
Time: 64:14
Mistake of the year/century?

I started OK on the first two controls, then as the group started to spread out down the hillside to #3 I was the first to realize where we were and punched that control as the leader.

#4 is where the interesting stuff happened: I started going straight for a few seconds, then cut down to the road, which was a smart decision, the problem happened near the end when I could see a line of lights behind me coming over the hills. I wanted to go up the ski track for a few meters, then cut right after the dot knoll, but I never went far enough. Instead I started searching all over the hillside, going higher and higher and finally I hit #6. This control had code 44 while the first four had been 40-41-42-43, but when I saw that number I thought that 44 was correct for #4, so I went on, with very serious problems of course when I tried to get the map towards #5 fit what I was seeing.

Eventually I hit #8/11, believing that was #5!

Several minutes later I hit #12, and then the part of the ski track that goes downhill to the north. That is when I finally realized that I was doing everything wrong! I still didn't know how I had ended up there but I had a bad feeling about #4 so I decided to run all the way down and start again from that control, which was smart since otherwise I would have been DSQ'ed. This 20+ m initial miss grew into a 20+ minute time loss!

My forking order was 5-6-8-12-9-6-7-8-9-7-5, I ran this mostly OK except for missing #7 twice.

The final part was OK, except that when I took the path down towards #17 I though I was on the next path, but I realized this from the contour details around me and cut over, hitting the control nicely.

I considered climbing directly up the hill from the road after #18 but it was OK to go underneath the long cliff.

The preliminary conclusion after 3 Harry Lagert races and this bonus round is that I seem to have no clue how to do a clean night race around Oslo any longer.

PS. My Livelox track is "interesting" as well: https://www.livelox.com/Viewer/Harry-Lagerts-Nattcup-2016-Bonus/Lokal?classId=47320
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Tibor: A true born entertainer you have became Terje ! Without knowing your forking order watching Livelox has as much meaining as for an outsider lokking at any GPS-tracking from orienteering. I wish you all the best in the final.
Terje Mathisen : Yeah, my race would look mostly OK if I could just remove those 20 minutes from first running past #4, but you would still need to know the individual forking orders when watching the full replay. In reality there seemd to be people running everywhere, except at the end because all the rest had left me far behind.
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Harry Lagert Bonus (05/10/2016) Harry Lagert Bonus (05/10/2016)