Harry Lagert Bonus (05/10/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Langsetløkka
Organiser: NSK
Distance: 6.22 km
Time: 64:14
Mistake of the year/century?

I started OK on the first two controls, then as the group started to spread out down the hillside to #3 I was the first to realize where we were and punched that control as the leader.

#4 is where the interesting stuff happened: I started going straight for a few seconds, then cut down to the road, which was a smart decision, the problem happened near the end when I could see a line of lights behind me coming over the hills. I wanted to go up the ski track for a few meters, then cut right after the dot knoll, but I never went far enough. Instead I started searching all over the hillside, going higher and higher and finally I hit #6. This control had code 44 while the first four had been 40-41-42-43, but when I saw that number I thought that 44 was correct for #4, so I went on, with very serious problems of course when I tried to get the map towards #5 fit what I was seeing.

Eventually I hit #8/11, believing that was #5!

Several minutes later I hit #12, and then the part of the ski track that goes downhill to the north. That is when I finally realized that I was doing everything wrong! I still didn't know how I had ended up there but I had a bad feeling about #4 so I decided to run all the way down and start again from that control, which was smart since otherwise I would have been DSQ'ed. This 20+ m initial miss grew into a 20+ minute time loss!

My forking order was 5-6-8-12-9-6-7-8-9-7-5, I ran this mostly OK except for missing #7 twice.

The final part was OK, except that when I took the path down towards #17 I though I was on the next path, but I realized this from the contour details around me and cut over, hitting the control nicely.

I considered climbing directly up the hill from the road after #18 but it was OK to go underneath the long cliff.

The preliminary conclusion after 3 Harry Lagert races and this bonus round is that I seem to have no clue how to do a clean night race around Oslo any longer.

PS. My Livelox track is "interesting" as well: https://www.livelox.com/Viewer/Harry-Lagerts-Nattcup-2016-Bonus/Lokal?classId=47320
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Harry Lagert Bonus (05/10/2016) Harry Lagert Bonus (05/10/2016)