Postplukk XTRM (04/10/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Sognsvann
Organiser: Anders Nordberg
Distance: 7.11 km
Time: 60:32
Average HR: 138
Maximum HR: 167
This week is fall break for most schools in the region so Anders set up a control picking exercise, I was happy to use the designated cutoff for 50 instead of 100 controls.

I managed to keep my concentration for the full loop, the only real miss was on #16 where I passed the big path on a patch of naked slab so I didn't notice it but I realized it from the contour details.

To #22 I intentionally followed the paths in order to avoid the green stuff.

On #80 I met another club member who was out on the same loop, he had stopped there because the control knoll was well under 50 cm tall. We checked the cliff to the SW and decided that even if it was small it had to be the one on the map.

Anders had placed flags on three of the controls, we were supposed to note which, but with multiple training races every week in this area I found flags or streamers on about 10 of them!
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Postplukk XTRM (04/10/2016) Postplukk XTRM (04/10/2016)