Fränkels Kanna (01/10/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Brudaremossen
Organiser: ROSIG
Distance: 4.65 km
Time: 29:12
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 176
It is nice to get an easy course every once in a while. :-)

This was the final part of the annual military competition between reserve officers in Oslo and Göteborg, the first two parts were pistol target shooting (which went very well for me) and a map reading/target designation exercise. The map reading took part on the top of the big hill in the center of the map, but we had to use pretty badly copied 1:50K maps of the area, maps that didn't even show all the targets we were supposed to locate. I know I lost quite a lot here.

The orienteering course was difficult enough for most of the competitors, I won by 8.5 min over a local runner. The only sort-of problems I had were caused by unmapped paths in the first part of the long leg (i.e. I ran along paths all the way to and around the radio tower), and the course printing which covered an important path between 6 and 7, if I had seen it I would have taken a slightly different route in the middle part.
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Fränkels Kanna (01/10/2016) Fränkels Kanna (01/10/2016)