Harry Lagerts Nattcup 3C (28/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Sognsvann
Distance: 4.88 km
Time: 37:37
Average HR: 157
Maximum HR: 173
Beginner mistake of the year?

I started well, hit the first two controls perfectly and found a good route up the hill to #3. The medium green patch just before the path was extremely dense, I had to crawl past a few trees, but otherwise OK. The control boulder itself was significantly smaller than a pair of nearby rocks so I made small wobble inside the circle.

OK to #4 and #5.

At this point I mentally relaxed (just follow the path to the control...) but a bunch of new paths created by MTB riders messed me up badly, and since I didn't count paces I had no other way to realize that this was far too soon. I lost almost 2 min here!

7: Leaving #6 I never spotted the path and ended up down in the green valley, losing another 30-40 seconds.

8: Here is the real disaster: I just glanced at the map and decided to run alongside the contours, believing that this would bring me to the downhill path to the SW, but instead (as the map shows clearly, this leads to the other big path/ski track due south.

When I hit this path I made a sharp _left_ turn and started running downhill towards NE, but a little while after the next path junction, near #12, I checked my compass and realized that something was really wrong, but not nearly how bad it was: I figured out from the direction which path I had to be on, but decided that I was just past the big junction which I should have aimed for initially, and took the smaller path due south. I searched in this area trying to recover before I finally bailed all the way to the road. Since I at this point had a very fast route back to the control I ended up losing "only" 4 minutes. :-(

9, 10 & 11 were OK, then I failed to notice the path junction where I had planned to go back uphill towards #12, dropping another 45 sec. I had also considered to contour all the way but took the path because that "had to be much safer".

At this point it didn't even consider contouring along the indistinct paths to #13, so the rest was just a lot of running.

The only good takeaway was that my running speed was high enough that I could have matched the winning time with a totally clean race, but that would have been extremely difficult.
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Harry Lagerts Nattcup 3C (28/09/2016) Harry Lagerts Nattcup 3C (28/09/2016)