OSI/GeoForm Rankingløp 21 (24/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Østernvann
Distance: 4.94 km
Time: 33:27
Average HR: 161
Maximum HR: 174
Nearly perfect on a much nicer part of the same map we used two days ago for the military championship.

1 & 2: Very easy start, just a lot of running.

3: Some route choices here, including a 180 degree turn and almost flat around the entire hill but I thought my nearly straight alternative would be the fastest.

4: More pure running.

5: The control was probably placed a bit too far down the reentrant.

6: OK

7: There were several small unmapped cliffs along the hillside which forced me a bit off course, I realized this and tried to correct but since I didn't read the map properly I thought the control would be much lower and closer to the green marsh. Lost 1 min here.

8: Bad flow, I never found the path I had intended to follow but I just kept running along the contours, then at the end I finally touched the big path (which is a ski track in winter) and attacked from there.

9: More running, I followed the road until I could see the knoll with two cliffs on the south side.

Finish: You could in theory run a left-side route but with two extra stream crossings and the start over a logged area the road to the right had to be significantly faster!
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OSI/GeoForm Rankingløp 21 (24/09/2016) OSI/GeoForm Rankingløp 21 (24/09/2016)