NM Feltidrett (22/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Løvenskioldbanen
Distance: 5.76 km
Time: 56:08
Average HR: 139
Maximum HR: 167
More or less OK, except for not running fast enough to compete with the elite runners.

We started with a biathlon-like part where we ran a loop, shot 2x5 using .22 caliber rifles, then another running loop followed by another iteration of 2x5 shots. I hit 19 out of 20 here, with the single miss probably due to my shooting glasses fogging up during the final shots. Each miss gave a 90 sec penalty.

Immediately after shooting we left the rifle behind, got a blank map and started to follow a marked route. On this route there were 5 controls along the streamers which we had to mark down (1 min penalty per mm error) and then 3 aiming triangles where the controls that we had to mark were at some distance. I got the first 7 perfectly but for the last control, a creek junction, I marked the wrong one and got a 4 mm (= 4 min) penalty.

After all 8 of these we exchanged our blank map for one with the orienteering course on it (I have drawn in the marked route part after scanning my race map), this was pretty easy except for the first 200 m out to the road which was almost impassable!

The most interesting leg was #6 where you could run a very wide left route but I decided to re-use the terrain I had already passed through since this was more interesting. As the GPS track shows the control was located a bit too far east, but it is very hard to survey the exact boundaries of an indistinct marsh inside green vegetation!

I ended up winning my class and came 4th overall. The three medal winners were also the individual winners of the each of three youngest senior classes. My final time with 5.5 penalty minutes was 10+ minutes behind them so even if I had avoided all penalties it wouldn't have made any difference.
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NM Feltidrett (22/09/2016) NM Feltidrett (22/09/2016)