Harry Lagerts Nattcup 2 (21/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Skar
Organiser: Nydalens SK
Distance: 4.04 km
Time: 39:07
Mostly good orienteering, but one big blowup. :-(

1: It was obviously faster to run along the road but I really wanted to run direct, using bearing and contours and hit it perfectly. :-)

2: Another good one, touched the edge of the logged area and saw the boulder and cliff just above it, making the control easy.

3: Pretty much exactly as planned, except that the area shown as semi-open at the end was quite dense so by avoiding the green I was in reality going around the yellow. I knew I needed to move uphill a bit, when I spotted the boulder by the vegetation boundary I knew exactly where I was.

4: This is where my race started detoriating: First I made the same decision as for #1, "No path running for me!", but then I executed my plan quite badly, probably losing an extra minute.

5: Here's the 6-minute mistake which started when I thought I was a little bit further down the hill when I crossed the stream, then when I crossed a second one (which turned out to be unmapped) shortly after I thought I had to be almost down by the marsh below so I turned right.

As soon as I hit the open part of the marsh I realized my mistake and took a bearing downhill to the control, at this point this would only have cost me a minute but then I stopped just above the control without seeing it, just seeing a very deep & steep hillside below me. This second mistake took 5 minutes to recover from. :-(

6: Here I failed to spot the indistinct paths which caused quite a bit of hesitation.

7: Back to my starting form (possibly because it was downhill and much nicer terrain?), here I managed to follow my bearing perfectly.

8: Another good bearing, with a helpful check point by the indistinct path junction.
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Harry Lagerts Nattcup 2 (21/09/2016) Harry Lagerts Nattcup 2 (21/09/2016)