Sturlanatta A-kort (20/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Spiraltoppen
Distance: 3.83 km
Time: 29:42
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 173
Pretty good, I mostly ran exactly as planned and where I didn't I recovered very quickly:

1: As planned until I failed to spot the path junction. I ran on for a few more meters then I knew from the contours that I was near the form line knoll and cut across. No real time loss here.

2: Perfect except for losing the path for a few meters east of the pond.

3: Easy, good execution.

4: The plan was to follow the path all the way around and back up to the control but the terrain on top of the hill was so nice that I decided to add some more orienteering. The time was probably near equal so for a more serious race I wouldn't have done the same.

5: OK, bearing and contours.

6: There was a small path leading over the first knoll, so I followed that instead of the marsh which might have been wet.

7: A somewhat bad bearing from the ski track but I did aim a bit left in order to hit above the control in the shallow reentrant.

8: I could have aimed a bit better towards the big building and the ski track but when I found an unmapped path in the valley I probably didn't lose any time here either.

9: Pure running.

I ended up winning the race by 4 minutes so I probably could have started in the long course instead, except that I have more important compettions (Harry Lagert and a military championship) the next two days.

PS. Sturlanatta used to be the largest or second-largest (after the national championship) night-O race in Norway, this was a very small local event in comparison.
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Sturlanatta A-kort (20/09/2016) Sturlanatta A-kort (20/09/2016)