KM H150 AOOK og ØOK (18/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Stiklatjern
Leg: 2
Distance: 4.82 km
Time: 36:20
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 179
"Always check the control codes, particularly on relays!"

I've tried to teach this to a lot of younger clubmates over the years but I still haven't learned it myself. :-(

I ran the second leg this year, with Torstein and Rune.

Very easy orienteering initially, then I hit the two first controls perfectly. By this time I had passed two or three other runners.

The long leg to #3 had some route choice options but I think I found a close to optimal route, passed another competitor about halfway.

#4 is where I messed up: I ran along a bearing but as I approached the control I wanted to avoid the green shown on the map in front of it, in reality there was a bit more vegetation than I expected from the map and I ended up turning slightly off course. When I hit another forking less than 50 m from my own and the terrain fit perfectly (both the small knoll in front and a narrow marsh in the bottom of the reentrant shown on the map) I skipped checking the code.

I could have saved my race when I was surprised by hitting the cliff down in the marsh, I was much further south than I expected, but instead I just corrected and ran on to #5.

#6 was the most difficult control of the course, the plan was to cross the valley down by the stream junction and attack from the knolls, boulder and small marshes but I ended up a bit to far north. The cliff itself was quite untypical for the Oslo area in that it showed no signs at all from above as to exactly where it was located but I found it, hidden behind a single spruce tree, after spotting the boulder just NW of it.

OK to the last 3 controls.

My running time was 36:20, which would have been the best time on my leg, but with a DSQ this doesn't count.

"Close only counts in horseshoes and handgrenades."
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KM H150 AOOK og ØOK (18/09/2016) KM H150 AOOK og ØOK (18/09/2016)