OBIK P26 Ekerud (13/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Seteråsen
Distance: 4.74 km
Time: 43:14
Average HR: 156
Maximum HR: 173
Still tired from the weekend races so my running shape was bad. OTOH the terrain is very nice and the great weather meant that that it was mostly quite dry.

1: Very controlled start.

2: Tried to avoid going too far down and ended up making an stupid left bend, lost 10+ seconds.

3: Good flow, ran exactly as planned. At this point I had a 42 second lead.

4: Perfect control along the hillside until the spur with the dot knoll, then I took a bearing to the control but as I got close to it I failed to spot the boulder and started searching all over the hillside. I tried to recover several times but never figured out exactly where I was until I had climbed all the way up to where I started and met Richard Z-G who was successfully running the same route I had planned. I lost 6.5 minutes here!

6-7: OK

8: The open marsh didn't seem to be open, this disturbed me enough to make me search around for a while, losing another 1.5 minutes.

9: Very easy but I was so tired that I had to walk for a while on the path. :-(

10: More walking up the hilside.

11: I had planned to run straight but when I spotted Are Eriksen cutting down right via the indistinct path I realized that this was definitely safer and probably faster as well. (I won this split.)
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OBIK P26 Ekerud (13/09/2016) OBIK P26 Ekerud (13/09/2016)