Veteranmesterskapet Mellom H55 (11/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Kløftefoss
Organiser: Modum
Distance: 5.02 km
Time: 35:49
Average HR: 164
Maximum HR: 176
Much, much better than yesterday!

1-2-3: OK

4: I misread the contours, I believed the control spur with the depression was a reentrant below the track but I realized this while running so I probably didn't lose any time here.

5: My original plan after crossing the sand/gravel area was to take the path and then attack the control via #11 but when I saw how deep the drop was I changed my mind and ran past #9 instead, saving significant climb. I would have saved 10-15 seconds by going directly across the gravel area.

6: This is where I lost the race: My intention was to run along the path just long enough so I could pass to the right of the multi-contour depression but I ran too far and didn't correct enough. When I entered the circle I couldn't spot the flag even though the area was quite open, so I lost an additional 35 seconds.

7-8: OK, good compass direction running.

9: I had already spotted #9 so now I just needed to retrace my original route but at the very end I tried to get fancy and ended up going too far left and lost maybe 10 s.

10-11-12: OK

13: The only problem here was that I managed to cross the big path without seeing it! This made me quite insecure for a while (i.e. some hesitation) until I realized that I had to be on the correct (indistinct) path towards my control.

14-15-16-Finish: Just a lot of running...

In the end it was a very tight race, with 5 people finishing within less than half a minute, and more than a minute ahead of yesterday's winner, I was unlucky enough to be last in this group but I am still quite satisfied with my race!
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Veteranmesterskapet Mellom H55 (11/09/2016) Veteranmesterskapet Mellom H55 (11/09/2016)