Veteranmesterskapet Lang H55 (10/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Bøseter
Organiser: Modum
Distance: 8.08 km
Time: 66:44
Average HR: 163
Maximum HR: 173
Definitely not my day. :-(

I started fast towards #1, but when I crossed the ride I saw it and immediately decided that it had to be too indistinct to be mapped, so I turned slightly right to find it. I passed the control about 15-20 m to the side, then I spent 1:50 searching for it. At this point I was #30, and only 29 runners completed the course. :-(

2: I lost another 30 s to the best split here: It is possible that I should have taken the ride up to the open marsh, or gone much more straight, my main time loss was probably due to hesitation into the control area.

3: First really good control, good flow and my only split time win today.

4: OK, just one second behind Sindre Langaas who ended up in 2nd place.

5: Really interesting long leg, I think I found the worst possible route here: Going around to the left like I did I should have started down & left immediately and I might even have taken the big path. I assume I lost 30+ seconds in this initial part. Down by the big marsh with the dual power lines I was quite happy to discover an unmapped ski trail which gave me better running surface across the marsh than I expected. This obviously didn't help enough to offset my much longer route when I still had to climb 45 m from the marsh up to the control. Taking a direct/right route would only give half as much climb and by running on paths and tracks all the way to the big road I would have saved a lot of energy. I lost 3:14 to the best split here!

6: A couple of windfalls near #5 caused me to start in the wrong direction, lost about 15 s.

7: Here I stayed too high in the hillside and had to correct, lost another 10+ seconds. As I punched this control I saw Tore Sagvolden approaching it. He was the eventual winner of the race, but since he had started 4 min behind me I knew that all my hopes for a good result was lost.

8: OK, managed to find a better route than Tore.

9: Here Tore reeled me in and even gave me a friendly push up a small hill when I walked a few steps. He punched just in front of me here.

10: Leaving #9 Tore ran more or less straight so I decided I had to try something else: Since the control was located just a few contours above the creek I took a chance and ran all the way around to the right, realizing that if my route was slightly slower I would meet Tore between #10 and #11. Unfortunately it turned out to be a lot slower, I met Tore just as he punched #11, at which point I had lost 2+ minutes.

11: Back down.

12: OK

13: The final big route choice problem, and once again I probably found the worst possible solution. Most runners probably ran a big left bend but afterwards Kjell Markset pointed out that you could run all the way around to the right, following the road all the way to the parking lot with the "13" digits. I lost 2+ minutes to the best split here.

14: I could have taken the ski track from the parking lot but decided that I was so tired after the hill crossing that I would rather walk straight up the hill and then hopefully be able to run on the path. I lost a minute to the fastest guys here.

15: The control description didn't state clearly if the control was located above or below the tunnel opening, so I ran above to be safe, but that turned out to be a big mistake since I had to backtrack quite a bit to get down the cliff which was way too big to be passable. Lost another minute here.

16: OK

17: My intentional right bend to save height and make the control easier cost me about half a minute.

18-Finish: Pure running.

Conclusion: One big and a few small control mistakes, plus really bad route choices resulted in a final time 10+ minutes behind all the guys I normally compare myself with. :-(

I do have another chance tomorrow on the Middle distance, I'll try to do better there!
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Veteranmesterskapet Lang H55 (10/09/2016) Veteranmesterskapet Lang H55 (10/09/2016)