Kjentmannspost 30 - Veslekollen (07/09/2016)
Category: Training
Map/area: Varingskollen
Organiser: Martin Veastad
Distance: 8.4 km
Time: 173:15
15 people gathered at Åneby station on the Gjøvik rail line. The fixed control we had decided to visit was just 1400 m away but over 300 m higher, so Martin had planned a more scenic route:

We started south and up along the remains of a very old road created to enable timber extraction, then cut west. Part of the trip here (where we passed over some marshes) was along a new hiking path created during the last three years, i.e. in the time since this map was surveyed for the Norwegian Ultra Long championship in 2013.

The final 200 m along the ridge we followed another new path, this one was created around the same time as the fixed control was placed here.

After a 40+ minute rest we returned, this time we started almost straight downhill, then a small detour to Geitberget, a very step naked slab which is shown as an impassable cliff here on the map. The slab shows very clear marks of having been polished by waves or ice even though it is currently about 400 m above sea level.

From this point we followed another old forestry path north and downhill, then we ended by hiking south to the station.

Total hiking distance was 8+ km with 450 m total ascent according to the GPS.
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Kjentmannspost 30 - Veslekollen (07/09/2016) Kjentmannspost 30 - Veslekollen (07/09/2016)