OBIK P24 / AB 5 (06/09/2016)
Category: Competition
Map/area: Lathusåsen
Organiser: Fossum
Distance: 3.76 km
Time: 27:54
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 170
OK running shape on an area where I have been many times before, this time we started from the opposite end of the map and I messed up multiple times:

1) The rides across the newly logged area didn't run exactly where the map show but the control was still quite easy.

2) The control cliff was located so high above the bottom of the saddle that I couldn't see it, so I stopped and started to check the surrounding area, lost 45 sec.

3-4-5) Mostly OK, good speed.

6) I believe at least one cliff was hidden by the course printing, I thought I had full control so when I hit a cliff and the control wasn't there I was absolutely sure it had been misplaced. I spent about 3 minutes searching before I gave up, but when I ran even further down the reentrant I found it. It was in the correct spot but I had lost 3:20 here according to the GPS track.

7) OK

8) Could have climbed out of #7 to find the path but the time loss was minimal. 10 sec?

9) Bad direction from the path junction, hit the end of the big cliff and had to climb back up. About 20 sec.

10) Really strange! I didn't find the final control, spent over half a minute before I found it in the tall grass below the power line.

Total time loss of 5 min+ is of course way too much but I'm quite happy with my running form, for the first time this year I managed to run up all the climbs.
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OBIK P24 / AB 5 (06/09/2016) OBIK P24 / AB 5 (06/09/2016)